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Official release date announcement from Salaar movie


Official release date announcement from Salaar movie

You all know that we have given a blockbuster movie in the last year, Neel Parashant has made his first film, he started with this movie Ugramm and people are happy to see his work that he has given a blockbuster movie. Saal he has given movies like KGF and KGF 2. People believe that the blue sky is creating an entire universe.

The announcement of Salaar movie is going to happen soon, the audience is waiting for this film very much, Shruti Hassan will be the heroine of this film and the best actor from Bollywood has also been cast, this film is also a hit at the box office with Neel Parashant ji. There are machines.

Is Salar part of KGF?

Neel Prashant ji believes that he is creating a universe like Avengers. And this movie also has a lot of connection with KGF, the hype of this movie has been created due to this, and the audience has increased interest in this crazy film,

What do you all think, is this film related to blockbuster films like KGF? Many fans believe that this film is going to have a connection with KGF, because the vibe given in the teaser was that it was a connection with KGF.

cast and crew of salar movie

All the characters which are associated with this film are very good and all the actors will play their characters well, it is possible that if someone likes this film will also create a stir and win the hearts of the audience once again, Nil Parshaant, you can see all the casters in the below section. and crew member list.
  • Prabhas
  • Prithviraj Sukumaran as Vardharaja Mannaar, Raja Mannaar's son
  • Shruti Haasan as Aadya
  • Jagapathi Babu as Raja Mannaar[9]
  • Tinnu Anand
  • Easwari Rao
  • Sriya Reddy
  • Ramachandra Raju
  • Madhu Guruswamy
  • Saptagiri
  • Prudhvi Raj
  • Jhansi
  • Brahmaji
  • Naga Mahesh
  • Dubbaka Bhaskar Rao
  • Gemini Suresh