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Animal movie violent story of father & son


Animal movie violent story of father & son

Sandip Reddy Vanga is back with his second Hindi film Animal and has teamed up with T Series once again. If we talk about this film, Ranveer Kapoor is playing the lead role in this film. People are talking different things about this film but there is no news from the makers yet.

There are many good actors in the animal movie, tell me who is your actor Ranveer Kapoor, in this film Anil Kapoor is playing the role of father and his amazing acting is visible in the film. And Bobby Devel in the role of the same villain, whose performance is very good, the heroine of this film is Rashmika Mandana, who is seen in the role of his wife.

What is the story of the animal?

Animal movie is a gangster base story, and is also a drama, the story of this film revolves around Ranveer Kapoor's father and Ranveer Kapoor, in which it is shown that Ranveer Kapoor is a boy from a big family and his nature is very sad. But gradually the story 

progresses and Ranveer Kapoor takes the form of a gangster. And you can go to any extent to kill your enemy, Bobby Devel is shown as a villain or he is a very big gangster and to kill him Ranveer Kapoor sacrifices himself completely.

After watching the trailer, it seems that the story of this film is the story between a father and son who forces Ranveer Kapoor to become a gangster, it is said about this film that this film is the bloodiest film till date. Hey, I am waiting here to see the trailer. There is a lot of hype about this film, this film is based on its premise that fans are waiting for the film, all the film will be coming soon.

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