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Junglemahal: The Awakening hd movie download

Arunava Chowdhury wrote and directed the horror thriller film Junglemahal: The Awakening. Along with Farhad Khairy, Suraiya Parvin, Amit Raina, and many other actors playing supporting parts, the film stars Masoomeh Ab and Aditya Baliyan in the key roles.

While Luis Lopez Pinto created the soundtracks and the background score for this movie, Arunava Chowdhury was in charge of the photography and the editing. Arunava Chowdhury's production company, Runava Chowdhury Productions, is responsible for Junglemahal: The Awakening.

In a fiction that is largely based on actual events that took place in the monsoon in the middle of the 1980s during the insurrection of naxalites in the eastern Ghat range, a group of adventurers travels through the thick forest reserves to visit the recovery camps. The site was not what it seemed to be, and a lot of unusual events started happening in the neighbourhood.

Junglemahal: The Awakening Crew

Director Arunava Chowdhury
Story Arunava Chowdhury
Screenplay Arunava Chowdhury
CinematographyArunava Chowdhury
Music Luis Lopez Pinto
Producer Arunava Chowdhury
ProductionRunava Chowdhury Productions
Budget TBA
Box OfficeTBA

Junglemahal: The Awakening Cast

  • Aditya Baliyan
  • Masoomeh Ab
  • Farhad Khairy
  • Suraiya Parvin
  • Amit Raina
  • Prashant Shinde

Junglemahal Release Date

The movie "Junglemahal hd movie" will release in theatres on January 20, 2023.