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gk questions in english

I have brought gk questions in English for all of you

Hello friends, today I have brought gk questions in English for all of you, and you all are requested to give a lot of love to gk questions in English to this post so that you all have a sharp mind in gk questions. 

And we hope that you guys will pass each and every exam by reading these gk questions in English, so let us see all the posts next.

gk questions in English
gk questions in english

आप इन्हे भी पढ़ सकते हैं 

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Gk questions in English- Question and answer

Q.1.  When was the Indian Constitution amended for the first time? 

Ans - 1950

Q.2.  Who was the successor of Emperor Ashoka? 

Ans - Bindusara

Q.3.  In which year the Rowlatt Act was enacted? 

Ans - 1919

Q.4.  Where was the port of the Indus Valley Civilization? 

Ans - Lothal

Q.5.  Who is the President of India? 

Ans - Draupadi Murmu

Q.6.  Who was the author of Ramayana? 

Ans - Valmiki

Q.7.  Who is the 14th Prime Minister of India? 

Ans - Narendra Modi

Q.8.  Which is the oldest mountain range in India? 

Ans - Aravalli Mountains

Q.9.  Which global pandemic is going on in the world since 2020?

Ans - coronavirus

Q.10.  Which Indian was the first Governor General of independent India?

Ans - C. Rajagopalachari

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