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trivia questions 2021

Random Trivia Question

what number of ribs are in a human body? Random Trivia Question: What is the world's greatest island? Random Trivia Question: Which nation is known as the Land of White Elephant? Random Trivia Question: What is the littlest sea on the planet? top 100 trivia questions in English USA

Extravagant yourself a random Trivia test buff? or on the other hand, possibly you are hoping to make your own random data test. All things considered, we have 250+ random Trivia questions and answers arranged for you to attempt to sort out and they range various classifications. Do you have a deep understanding of films and TV however nothing about wellbeing? Or on the other hand, do you want to answer them all? It's an ideal opportunity to test your insight with these great random Trivia questions. In the event that you need to make your own online test, you can likewise make a random Trivia  test without any preparation or dependent on random Trivia test models

trivia questions 2021
trivia questions 2021

question 1.   Which racer holds the record for the most Grand Prix wins

answer        Michael Schumacher

question 2    Which hockey team did Wayne Gretzky play for in the ‘80s

answer        Edmonton Oilers

question 3    In what year was the first-ever Wimbledon Championship held

answer        1877

question 4    Which boxer was known as “The Greatest” and “The People’s Champion

answer        Muhammad Ali

question 5    What country won the very first FIFA World Cup in 1930

answer        Uruguay

Top 5 Animal Trivia Questions

question 6    The unicorn is the national animal of which country

answer        Scotland

question 7    What’s the largest animal on earth

answer        The Blue Whale

question 8    Which animal never sleeps

answer        Bullfrog

question 9    Which animal does not drink water

answer        Kangaroo rat

question 10   Which animal has the longest lifespan

answer        Arctic whale (Bowhead)

top 100 trivia questions in English USA

question 11   In what sport would you use a pen grip to hold your sandwich bat

answer       Table Tennis

question 12  What world champ was the first figure skater ever to star in her own video game

answer       Michelle Kwan

question 13  Which security group grew out of the chaos caused by the Morris worm

answer       CERT

question 14  Which browser employs a built-in spell-checker for text boxes

answer       Firefox 2

question 15  What is the freezing point in Fahrenheit

answer       32

question 16  A nutrition label will base the information on how many calories per day

answer       2000

question 17  Which Switzerland-based organization monitors health around the world

answer       World Health Organization

question 18  What sea does the Jordan River empty into

answer       the Dead Sea

question 19  What is the second deepest depth in the world

answer       Puerto Rico Trench

question 20  Gregor Samsa is the main character in which of the short stories by Franz Kafka

answer       The Metamorphosis

question 21  At which big event, Kevin was left alone in the home

answer       Christmas

question 22  When was Superman created as a fiction characte

answer       1933

question 23  Where is the largest church of the world situated.

answer       Basilica of Our Lady of Peace of Yamoussoukro

question 24  What is the National Dish of America.

answer       Hamburger

question 25  What is the rarest eye color of the redheads

answer       Blue

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